Available: Great Building for a Brewery in Kirkland

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The other day, the Washington Beer Blog received an email from a commercial real estate broker who was curious to see what kind of interest a particular property might attract from the beer community. More specifically, he wondered if the building might be of interest to any would-be breweries. It’s not the first time I’ve received an email like this, but it is the first time I’ve shared the information publicly.

I looked at the information the broker provided and think the old cannery building would make a great brewery in a very desirable Eastside location. I know that most breweries open on shoestring budgets, but maybe there’s someone out there looking to do something grand. If nothing else, let’s dream.

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UPDATED 8/1/2014: Chainline Brewing is asking for your help. Please write a letter in the form of an email supporting the brewery and send it to the Liquor Control Board agent who is considering this matter. The LCB has received at least 17 letters that oppose the brewery’s opening. We need to counter that by…

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